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TO YOUR LAST DEATH Racks Up Awards and Nominations

Adrian Halen – March 2021

To Your Last Death, the unique 2-D, hand-drawn, animated horror feature, picked up three more nominations this week – two from indie tastemaker Film Threat, including Best Horror Feature and the prestigious What the F**k is This Movie Even, as well as the Golden Reel for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Animation Long Form, from the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE). To Your Last Death’s Emmy-winning Supervising Sound Designer Michael Archacki, as well as Sound Designer Matthew Schaff, MPSE, were named. <Read More>

#2 Most Awarded Horror Movie of 2020

By Jim Cirile – February 2021

Coverage Ink Films, a division of, has announced that their independent, 2-D animated horror film TO YOUR LAST DEATH is the #2 most award-winning horror feature film of 2020. The film picked up 34 awards on the festival circuit, including Best Feature Film from Pasadena International Film Festival, Best Director from Horrorhound, and Best Horror Feature from Phoenix International Film Festival. <Read More>

Supremely Smart, Animated Carnage

By Michele “Izzy” Galgana – October 2020

Happy October, weirdos! If you’re looking for something different to watch in celebration of the spookiest month of the year, here’s a strange and smart animated full-length horror film for you to check out. <Read More>


By Enrique Acosta – October 2020

To Your Last Death is a wonderful mess of a film. Reminiscent of pulp horror or the Grand Guignol style of theater, it delivers on all its promises while avoiding becoming mindless gore porn. It’s a hyperviolent thrill ride that manages to titillate, entertain, and take the viewer to task for liking this kind of film. <Read More>

Animated Horror Feature “To Your Last Death” is Gleefully Deranged

By Shawn Macomber – March 2020

If Saturday-morning cartoons were still a thing, TO YOUR LAST DEATH (on VOD/digital today) most certainly would not have made the cut—at least not without a gaggle of beheaded network execs and censors lining the hallway to the director of programming’s office. To get a sense of the bonkers banquet of surrealist horror this utterly improbable, gleefully deranged animated feature lays out, imagine the aesthetic of ARCHER crosspollinated with the old-school gonzo vibe of AEON FLUX and HEAVY METAL, then fused onto a ultraviolent, rollicking, extremely weird David-Lynch-meets-Steve-Miner supernatural nightmarescape. Now add the voices of William Shatner, Bill Moseley, Ray Wise and FIREFLY/DEADPOOL star Morena Baccarin to the mix. <Read More>