Animated Horror Feature “To Your Last Death” is Gleefully Deranged

By Shawn Macomber – March 2020

If Saturday-morning cartoons were still a thing, TO YOUR LAST DEATH (on VOD/digital today) most certainly would not have made the cut—at least not without a gaggle of beheaded network execs and censors lining the hallway to the director of programming’s office. To get a sense of the bonkers banquet of surrealist horror this utterly improbable, gleefully deranged animated feature lays out, imagine the aesthetic of ARCHER crosspollinated with the old-school gonzo vibe of AEON FLUX and HEAVY METAL, then fused onto a ultraviolent, rollicking, extremely weird David-Lynch-meets-Steve-Miner supernatural nightmarescape. Now add the voices of William Shatner, Bill Moseley, Ray Wise and FIREFLY/DEADPOOL star Morena Baccarin to the mix. <Read More>