Trailer: The Horror Genre Gets Animated

By COMINGSOON.NET Editor – Feb 2020

After debuting the long-awaited project over the summer at last year’s London FrightFest Film Festival, the animated horror movie To Your Last Death (previously titled Malevolent) is finally coming to video on demand in March and has received the exclusive first trailer for the film. <Read More>


By Enrique Acosta – Jan 2020

Reminiscent of pulp horror or the Grand Guignol style of theater, it delivers on all its promises while avoiding becoming mindless gore porn. It’s a hyperviolent thrill ride that manages to titillate, entertain, and take the viewer to task for liking this kind of film. <Read More>

Till Death or Dismember

By Road Rush – Dec 2019

This is not a seasonal family reunion, but is a family coming together to iron out their issues in the most gory fashion. Coverage, Ink Films have hit on a cracking head-splitting idea for future scenarios with this multi-award winning animation. <Read More>

Eric’s FilmQuest Review

By Lightninli – Nov 2019

To Your Last Death is a unicorn of a movie. A gory R-rated 2-D Western animated film. It’s a rowdy romp that uses familiar themes but takes full advantage of the unusual animated medium. It feels like an animated comic book on steroids. <Read More>

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

A cult classic in the making, To Your Last Death is a really fun movie. It reminded me of something like Repo! The Genetic Opera; unconventional, unique, and a different kind of horror film. It’s something special, something that is genuinely original. It’s a film that you do not want to miss, especially fans of great horror. <Read More>

NFF 2019: Review – A True Family Die-nasty

By Daniel Baldwin – Nov 2019

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: an adult-oriented animated horror film! To Your Last Death is just that and more! The set-up is fairly simple: the estranged children of a cruel and wealthy weapons manufacturer (Ray Wise) have been called in for a family reunion by their father at his office building. <Read More>

FrightFest 2019 Spotlight – Dani Lennon

By gornoblonde

With Dani lending her vocal talents alongside Morena Baccarin, William Shatner, Ray Wise and Bill Moseley, expect her to make waves at this year’s FrightFest. She’s the feisty protagonist Miriam DeKalb in “To Your Last Death” who survives a deadly game concocted by her demented dad. <Read More>